The impact of 3D printing technology on jewelry processing-Xiamen jewelry factory

by:Joacii     2021-03-18
The traditional jewelry manufacturing process has to go through a variety of procedures, such as plate release, rubber mold opening, wax injection, mold repair, etc. The procedures are many and complex, and the cost of equipment, space, materials, manpower and time is relatively high. With the mature application of 3D printing technology in the field of jewelry, it has impacted the production mode of traditional jewelry, which is a great change. After the advent of 3D printed jewelry, people will inevitably compare it with traditional handmade jewelry. Some people may worry that 3D printed jewelry will make traditional jewelry lose its original characteristics. Although a lot of topics about 3D printers and cutting-edge technology have been discussed, human touch still plays a very important role in the entire jewelry making process. Character. In the printing and production process and post-processing process, there are still manual steps. This means that artificial elements are still a success factor that cannot be ignored in the process of creating stunning jewelry. Nevertheless, in this jewelry industry, technology is still regarded as a powerful tool. It is in a complementary relationship with traditional jewelry craftsmanship and jewelry design, and no one can replace it. Traditional jewelry design is the process of artistic creation. There may be whims and unexpected gains in the creation. The 3D printing process is different. It is what the model you design will look like when it is printed, unless the printer fails. For more jewelry styles and related news and information, please follow the website or consult online (phone) about jewelry processing. Xiamen Co., Ltd. can provide ODM with similar samples/new styles/revisions. OEM customers can accept custom processing with patterns. Next post: What are the advantages of 3D printing technology for jewelry processing compared to traditional jewelry manual technology? Previous post: How to wear the brooch, do you think the brooch is worn on the chest? -Xiamen Jewelry Factory
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