The most expensive diamond ring to buy a diamond ring technique

by:Joacii     2020-08-05
It is said that diamond ring is the perfect combination, and the world's most expensive diamond ring is a diamond stone carved out a whole drill ring, the whole ring is composed of diamond, the ring is priceless, don't know this is the most expensive diamond ring on the hand will be what kind of feeling? Such an expensive diamond ring is not than any other diamond ring. Life have you Switzerland a jewelry company spent a year from a huge diamond original stone carved out a whole drill ring, after a year of finely crafted, 'all the world's first drill' the diamond ring was born. The finished product of this diamond ring 150 carats, priced at $400 million. Introduced over the world's most expensive diamond ring, now we speak of a girl's dream of diamonds, every girl in fact is not necessarily the pursuit of the most expensive diamond ring, in fact, the girls want to is the most warm caress, the most inclusive love dearly. If boys want to give the girl a diamond ring, buy a diamond ring have what skills? First, select reputable jewelry sellers is the first step, services to the professional jewelry brand shop. Next, want to know in advance for your beloved and the shape of the hand size is roughly like the style, then, to the entity store, under the help and advice of the sales professionals to try to see the actual effect. In addition, if you want to customize the most expensive diamond ring, or to know diamond 4 c standard, up material also can't ignore the problem and platinum foil material can perfect the diamond light and strong living diamonds, so it is up the first choice of materials. Finally, also is very important, be sure to look for the proprietary marks of platinum - — Platinum or Pt, and after the sign said the purity of platinum QianFenShu, such as platinum 900, Pt900. This line of small logo like platinum id card, can bring you a platinum quality guarantee. Develop reading what kind of diamond brand good platinum diamond ring
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