The reliability of the diamond certificate know diamonds from diamond certificate first

by:Joacii     2020-08-05
The cognition to the diamond, ahead of China for many years, European diamond at the beginning is due to the relatively popular in the European countries. General luxury goods are made by western countries began to popular. So for this reason, the domestic market with foreign large diamonds are certified diamond certificate, certificate of the diamonds from different foreign institutions or identification laboratory, etc. , most people seem to think that only the most reliable overseas diamond certification. The most plausible. And usually with the certificate of overseas diamond than the same level without certificate or certificate of diamond is a lot more expensive overseas. Here the author is here to give you introduce what kind of diamond certificate has very good reliability? Impulse actually foreign diamond certificate is not reliable as imagine. Although diamond has international unified standard of identification, and a lot of diamonds from the outflow into the domestic and foreign institutions and the laboratory test methods and what they think of the criteria is not uniform, no a unified standard, strict division of each diamond certificate recognized standards abroad. There may be levels VVS1 diamonds have the IF level certificate, IF wrong price in this board. Of English, quite a lot of people do not read one by one by one, in fact, a lot of text simply in this paper, the diamond inspection result, can be seen as inspection report, and do not have authority 'proof' of identity. Foreign diamond certificate have GIA diamonds more authoritative, HRD diamond certificate. In fact the China inspection level is much higher than many people think, completely reach the international first-class level, so don't look down upon the diamond identification technology of our country. Some domestic diamond certificates are even higher than that of some foreign laboratory test and the level of detection. If not in foreign countries to buy diamond, when buying a diamond jewelry in China, can rely on the Chinese national jewelry jade quality supervision and inspection center of diamond certification certificate. What brand expanding reading a diamond ring, diamond studs are how to choose a diamond
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