The stand or fall of diamond necklace how to choose from the 4 c standard diamond necklace

by:Joacii     2020-08-14
The beauty of a diamond necklace represents a woman heart, exquisite diamond let all women into a frenzy of obsession. Diamond necklace order has now popular fashion consumer choice, so diamond necklace how to distinguish good or bad? In choosing a diamond necklace we can judge from the 4 c standard diamond necklace is good or bad! Diamond necklace how to distinguish good or bad? The stand or fall of diamonds from the point of 4 c, the 4 c diamond mainly includes the following aspects: the weight of the youth throb diamond: which is the size of the diamond, the weight of the diamond is easiest to determine in the 4 c standard, we can easily distinguish between the naked eye, the better, of course, is the larger the diamond, diamond carat was used to measure the weight of the. Contained on a diamond necklace of diamonds represents the diamond necklace, of course, the greater the more expensive. Diamond color: diamond is equivalent to a prismatic type, the more can reflect light of more, of course, is the better diamonds. Diamond colour of course depends on the transparency of diamonds. If you have a diamond necklace more shine more bright, of course, prove up the price of the more expensive diamond clarity: when we use a magnifying glass to observe diamond is likely to see which contains some defective impurities, does not contain flaw is, of course, the perfect diamonds. Diamond studs are representative of the diamond of the degree of transparency and contains no impurities, mainly from diamond contained within the content and the number of defects for rating. Diamond cutters, diamond necklace how to distinguish good or bad? Diamond cut measure is extremely important in the 4 c standard, cut is directly affected by the human. Directly reflects the diamond master craftsmanship before birth. A good diamond extremely exquisite cut process. Although the diamond can be processed into a variety of different shapes. But the cut of the excellent degree directly affect the diamonds sparkle luster. The more good cut diamonds will be more shine. Develop reading platinum necklace bracelet with diamond studs
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