The status of the diamond women love of diamonds

by:Joacii     2020-08-07
We know that diamond is a very expensive item, the status of the diamond. Because of this, in the thirteenth century, French king Louis had ordered, banned all women wore them, even the princess royal and noble lady is no exception. In his view, the only worthy of the virgin Mary. First woman to dare to break the ban, suggests lish suri, in fact, she no royal blood are no aristocratic ladies, however, she got Charlie vii's favor, and make the ever beyond the law. From then on, wearing a diamond is no longer a privilege, and become more of a 'noble' symbolic act the role ofing is tasted. Flowers yan of the Chinese diamond jewelry market potential is very large, especially married diamond ring has a lot of room to grow. China's 1. 5 million people a year get married, and married to buy a diamond ring is becoming a fashion. China, fast-growing economies, as a big country of diamond ornaments development potential is very large, the 21st century, China will become the diamond jewelry after the United States, Japan's third largest consumer. Japan is now in its second, annual sales of $12 billion, or about one hundred billion yuan, so the development of diamond jewelry space will be very big. Get married diamond ring this words into people's minds have nearly 300 years of history. Get married diamond ring is has a long tradition and popular diamond ring. As a diamond ring, she is the most easy to accept a way people, now been adopted by the general merchants. Married diamond ring as a diamond ring now proportion nearly a third of the total sales, and people's consumption hot spots of the diamond. Develop reading buddhist monastic discipline platinum diamond engagement ring couples buddhist monastic discipline
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