The world diamond brand list

by:Joacii     2020-08-27
The world diamond brand list? In diamond is for each couple married will do a thing, not drill the idea of marriage also gradually thorough popular feeling, not a decent diamond ring, all dare not to propose to the one you love, then you know the world diamond brand list? Let the author tell you the answer! Love guardian 16 points diamond ring for details click on the image or name world diamond brand list as follows: 1, DE beers comprises ( The world's largest/'s oldest diamond supplier, leading diamond company. 2, Cartier (Cartier In 1847 France, richemont group, the world's top jewelry brands, famous luxury brand and leading brand jewelry/clocks and watches, richemont commercial co. , LTD. ) Tiffany Tiffany (3, In 1873, the world brand 500 strong, well known for its diamonds and silver products, world famous jewelry brand, global luxury Tiffany& Co. ) 4, bulgari Bvlgari ( Founded in 1884, the world jewelry industry well-known brands, the world's ten diamond jewelry brand, bulgari commercial ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. ) 5, trust ( Well-known trademarks in China, domestic jewelry industry leading enterprises, 10 diamond brand, influential diamond brand, Beijing trust seal, jewelry co. , LTD. ) 6, kimberly ( Diamond design, cut wear Mosaic, distribution and retail in one company, one of the largest diamond distributors in China, Shanghai kimberley diamond co. , LTD. ) 7, chow tai fook ( Founded in Hong Kong in 1929, the Chinese well-known trademark, China's most famous and one of the largest jewelry brand, chow tai fook jewelry &gold company co. , LTD. ) 8, tse sui-luen TSL ( In Hong Kong in 1971, the listed company, one of the largest jewelry retailer and manufacturer in Asia, tse sui-luen jewelry ( International) Co. , LTD. ) 9, a week ( Well-known trademarks in China, was awarded China famous brand, famous brand diamonds, specializes in jewelry design and production of large enterprises, week jewelry co. , LTD. ) 10, diamond ( Chinese well-known trademark, China national jewelry brand, industry famous brand, committed to the enterprise of diamond cutting/design/sales, jun jewelry co. , LTD. ) Knowledge about the world diamond brand list, the author will analysis for everyone here, more knowledge welcome log in jewelry network access to relevant data, jewelry leading diamond 'fast fashion', relying on its own international creative jewelry factory and global direct naked drill inventory resources, diamond speed of the supply chain system is established. The national electronic commerce as the 'golden seed' award, xinhua said second revolution led the Chinese jewelry consumption.
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