Three stone rings describe the design whereby

by:Joacii     2020-05-09
These rings are not just ideal for ladies as engagement rings but they can also be given as anniversary rings. In fact, they can make for the ideal gift for any occasion and period in a couple's relationship. The setting of these three stones symbolizes the past, present and future of a couple's relationship, and which makes these rings especially significant. Most three stone rings only incorporate the said three stones in their designs without any additions and accent stones. Nevertheless, one can select either a simple or more elaborate arrangement of the same. While the basic design incorporates three matching stones, it is quite common for the center stone to be larger than the rest. This way, the other two complement it more sharply. However, there mustn't be too big a difference in their sizes as this would alter the three-stone design and we'll instead have a pave or channel arrangement. As far as the oval cut diamond engagement ring is concerned, the design and cut comes very close to the round brilliant cut. The main difference between the two comes in the fact that for this ring the shape is more elliptical. This cut was invented during the early years of the 60s decade. The ring is very brilliant in a beautiful way and it is especially popular among ladies who would like their fingers to appear longer. The shape of the oval cut diamond engagement ring works to elongate one's finger and to bring more attention to fingers that are already long and slender. Additionally, the oval cut is popularly used in designing vintage pieces. One has the option of either having the oval cut diamond on its own or having it surrounded by smaller stones to accent the larger diamond with the oval cut diamond still remaining as the centerpiece and attention-grabber. This cut has an advantage over the round diamond cut in that it appears larger even when two diamonds have the same weight in carats
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