To understand what makes pearls so special, you

by:Joacii     2020-05-11
Pearls are formed deep down below the surface of the sea by molluscs, such as oysters. But they don't do it simply to help us look pretty. The pearl they produce is formed when an irritant or intruder sneaks past the mollusc's defensive shell. Once it is inside the mollusc will defend itself by wrapping the intruding item in the material from which it makes its own protective shell. The result is quite often a beautiful and iridescent pearl. So the creation of the pearl itself is one reason as to why pearl jewellery is so popular, but not the only one. The rarity of getting a perfect pearl to make pearl jewellery and the process through which one has to go to retrieve such an item may be one reason why pearl jewellery may carry a certain price tag, but it is not the only one. The symbolism carried by items such as a pearl necklace is vast, offering up ideas of purity, innocence and beauty, and in the process becoming the favoured jewellery for those ladies taking a walk down the aisle. Pearls are delicate and unique and this is another perfect metaphor that makes them such a classic choice and one so lusted after. Their very nature - how they are formed and what they represent is what makes them such a classy choice. One great thing about pearls and buying a pearl necklace is that, no matter what your budget, there will be a piece that is perfect for you. The lustre and size may change, but you can still get a great classy look even on a budget.
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