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by:Joacii     2020-05-27
Different wearers wear it for different reasons. Starting with identification purposes, to warding of evil influences, to merely making a fashion statement, to announcement of gender or even expressing our respect and love for a departed soul, the reasons are many. Though of late, it is the fashion bracelets that seems to be keeping everyone, particularly the younger lot busy and preoccupied with this new found passion. Surprisingly, it is not that the younger generation does not like anything that belongs to a bygone era. In fact, it is quite often seen that many patterns, materials, and designs still continue to hold great sway in the minds and hearts of those you are in the age group 15 - 35. Though this is not to say that those who are above 35 do not wear or use bracelets of anything. Combining traditional styles and modernity is what makes it unique! The Barbados Fashion Bracelet is a fashion bracelet that does make you take a second look at it even if you are in a tearing hurry. This particular bracelet manages to take your mind back to the days of The Mahabharata even as it exudes an irresistible modern day charm all its very own. This we feel is a deadly combination that you would not like to miss. The bracelet is a one opulent leather piece that is open at one end. The opening is just enough for the wearer to fix it on their wrists and that is it. At one go, you have accomplished the twin feat of being rooted to the earth as well as making a contemporary style statement. And all this for a ridiculously low cost. The leather is of a very high quality and is quite open in the sense that it allows for some breathing space, and is very supple. It is also tear resistant. All these qualities renders it a very lasting and enduring piece that just does not like to be separated from you! Even though the nail like protrusions sprinkled all over the Barbados Fashion Bracelet gives it a masculine appeal, it is the ladies who have fallen for it head over heels, literally! Dimension wise, the Barbados fashion bracelet is a compact and sleek 2.5 inches. And even weight wise it is very acceptable at 68 gm.
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