What about the minimum order quantity of birthstone jewelry in Joacii Jewelry?
Welcome to contact our staff for the answer to this question. The exact MOQ of birthstone jewelry can be negotiable. The purpose of setting MOQ is to ensure that our production costs are worth and a minimum profit can be made. Our total cost including manufacturing cost, raw materials input, manpower investment, etc., are the contributors to the production of high-quality products. For you, the main advantage is that we can provide you with access to the best price for each unit of products. The more product you order from us, the cheaper the unit price will be.

Xiamen Joacii Jewelry Co., Ltd. has been a renowned Chinese manufacturer of gold jewellery necklace. We differentiate ourselves by providing innovative products. The gold jewellery series is widely praised by customers. Joacii ladies bracelet is carefully designed with many principles kept in mind. These principles are unity, balance, proportion, emphasis, rhythm, and so forth. The product has an easy-to-clean surface which is not easy to adhere to dust and dirt or retain water stains. This product is not prone to get deformed.

Joacii has done a lot of effective work in jewelry necklaces and achieved remarkable results. Check it!
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