What are China's top ten high-end jewelry brand

by:Joacii     2020-09-01
China's top ten high-end jewelry brands have? Girls in addition to the clothes, need most is the ornament of the ornaments, beautiful act the role ofing is tasted can give the girl points, to give the girl a lot of temperament, a lot of friends to buy jewelry is the pursuit of brand, do you know what are China's top ten high-end jewelry brand? Let the author tell you the answer! Love met 19 points diamond woman give details click on the image or name China top ten high-end jewelry brands as follows: 1, alas, China's top 500 brands, guangzhou famous brand 2, MIXBOX beauty, founded in 1999, the world famous fashion dress up 3, xinguang jewelry chain retail group, was awarded China famous brand, related industry standard drafting unit 4, rainbow flower, Ming hui Ming hui international group, the domestic well-known fashion products chain 5, stone, from Taiwan, national protection of trademarks, famous trademarks of guangdong province June, italina italina, jewelry manufacturing and sales of the world's largest one of the leading enterprises 7, popular beauty, guangzhou famous trademark, hair accessories/jewelry chain industry leading brand, 8 days ni ARTINI, a leading supplier of fashion accessories, famous high-end jewelry brand, ni hua, set design, production and sales of fashion gifts and jewelry is a body comprehensive 10 private enterprises, the way She & # 39; S, white-collar workers deserve to act the role of brands from Europe, jewelry industry one of the influential well-known enterprises of China's top ten high-end jewelry brand, the author will analysis for everyone here, welcome more knowledge on jewelry network access to relevant data, mode of business to save money to buy drill province more than fifty percent of the cost well, the reason is, to provide you with the diamond ring is directly from factory to your home, leave out all of the price of the commercial chain link.
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