What are China's top ten jewelry brand

by:Joacii     2020-09-01
China's top ten jewelry brand have? Jewelry is covered by the range is wide, generally including necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and so on, now part of jewelry represents the social status, already have a certain significance of wealth, want to buy jewelry, my friends, do you want to know what are China's top ten jewelry brand? Let the author tell you the answer! Beautiful princess 2 carat diamond female ring for details click on the image or name China top ten jewelry brand ranked as follows: 1, chow tai fook ( Founded in 1929 in Hong Kong, China's well-known trademarks,) 2, chow sang sang ( Founded in 1934, the greater China region one of the largest jewelry retailers) 3, the old phoenix ( Began in 1848 and was awarded China famous brand, China famous trademark) 4, Ming ( Founded in 1987, was awarded China famous brand, China famous trademark, jewelry industry's leading enterprises) 5, hundreds of BAI ( China's well-known trademarks, Chinese famous brand products, industry influential brand) 6, the old temple, Was founded in 1906, the Chinese name of a shop, Chinese well-known trademark, China top brand products) 7, 6 f ( Hong Kong listed company, ten big jewelry brand, Hong Kong brand-name products) 8, tide acer ( Famous trademarks of guangdong province, was awarded China famous brand products, China's 500 most valuable brands) 9, extraction, China ( Domestic jewelry industry one of the few existing century brand, the Chinese old and famous trademark of China) 10, best Thai BAITAI ( Well-known trademarks in China, was awarded China famous brand, the jewelry industry well-known brands) About China's top ten jewelry brand list, the author will explain for everybody here temporarily, more knowledge welcome log in jewelry access to relevant data, in recent years, the jewelry in the domestic big cities such as shenzhen, guangzhou, baotou and chengdu has more than the experience shop, shop in the ground of experience and the way of uniting online mall, let more consumer experience to the benefits of the jewelry marketing model.
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