What are the Chinese jewelry brand

by:Joacii     2020-08-30
What are the Chinese jewelry brand? When it comes to jewelry brand, easily reminiscent of domestic jewelry brand and foreign jewelry brands, whether domestic or foreign jewelry jewelry brand brand, is the focus of attention. In this era of jewelry popular, someone will ask China jewelry brand have? What foreign brand? Love is the only 30 diamond women quit click on the image or name for details about the brand, this can say this is a eternal topic, every s symbol emerged as a guide and a few brands, whether at home or abroad, whether in the past or now, the brand are all people pursuit. What are the Chinese jewelry brand? Want to ask which Chinese brand good, also does not chow tai fook, chow sang sang, tse sui-luen, diamond and so on, these Chinese brands I believe you should be a little smell. The Chinese brands in today's society is very famous here, so what brand is better? Brand is a product of the facade, in plain English, that is, advertising play well, propaganda can do it, so the end product is good? Exactly what are Chinese jewelry brand? What kind of jewelry brand in Chinese jewelry brand products? Jewelry is good, actually bought a famous brand is not to say that we can find a good place to buy jewelry, the authors teach you how to identify the jewelry is good. A diamond jewelry has '4 C' principle: the cutting ( 削减) , colour and lustre, 颜色) , clarity, 清晰) And carat ( caratweight) 。 In the jewelry that was to identify their quality and value of the point. I believe you have a certain knowledge of Chinese jewelry brand, if now you want to ask what are the Chinese jewelry brand, the author tells you that smart buy diamond, there soon. Business model, and subvert the traditional stores selling drilling mode, save the dealer price link, for consumers to save about fifty percent of the purchase cost of drilling, diamond directly from the manufacturer to your home, bring consumers a new 'international quality, the price of populist, personalization' diamond. Lead diamond 'fast fashion' trend.
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