What are the differences between different sterling silver jewelry?

by:Joacii     2021-03-09
What are the differences between different sterling silver jewelry? -Jewelry Thousand Pure Silver is actually silver with 99% silver content. The purity is very high, but the texture is relatively soft. However, it is used to make plain silver jewelry and has a very texture. This kind of silver is very sensitive to the skin. Therefore, customers who choose this material customization should consider your user population. Tibetan silver jewelry is actually not silver, it is copper-nickel alloy. One characteristic is that when you rub it with your hand, it will turn black. Some fakes on the market are basically lead and tin alloys, which are whitish in color and lack metallic texture and luster. Miao silver jewelry is more delicate, but in fact, Miao silver is also copper-nickel, but the surface is plated with silver, which looks similar. But the problem is that it will corrode after washing it a few times. The silver content is 95%, and the hardness is enough. In many cases, the high-purity silver jewelry we talk about is 950 silver. And because the production process is manual, it is also called handmade silver. The silver content is ninety-nine percent, and there is one percent of the alloy. This kind of silver is also relatively soft and tends to darken, so it is generally not used for jewelry, but is used more for utensils. The often said 925 silver jewelry is actually silver with a silver content of 925%, which is a low standard for sterling silver and is relatively popular. Most of our common sterling silver jewelry are made of S925 silver, such as S925 sterling silver necklaces, S925 sterling silver bracelets and so on. The above is the silver jewelry of different purity introduced by jewelry. I hope it will be helpful to you. Focus on custom processing and wholesale of silver jewelry. Welcome to consult:
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