What are the effects of sterling silver jewelry, and what are the benefits of silver jewelry?

by:Joacii     2021-03-09
What are the effects of sterling silver jewelry, and what are the benefits of silver jewelry? We all know that sterling silver is valuable, but it also has a side that we don't understand. Pure silver has the effect of coping with evil. Therefore, the folks in many places have spread the custom of wearing silver jewelry to children. The folks call sterling silver jewelry has three peculiar functions, which not only help to discharge the 'fetal poison' for children, but also can calm the nerves and ward off evil spirits. First, sterling silver jewelry is the best 'toxin test' metal. It is said that “toxins” are excreted from the body every day, and silver, a metal, can absorb these “toxins”. Because sterling silver's anti-gloss and long-lasting oxidation properties will vary depending on the person's physique, that is to say, people with good physique will wear sterling silver jewelry more and more brightly; while people with weaker physique will wear sterling silver. Jewelry, if there are more toxins in the body, it will gradually cause silver jewelry to turn black. Therefore, it is necessary to wear sterling silver jewelry frequently, which can not only help effectively eliminate toxins in the body, but also play a role in timely testing whether there are too many toxins in the body. Silver jewelry processing factory This is one of the reasons why some people deliberately look for sterling silver jewelry to wear on their bodies. Second, pure silver jewelry can generate a magnetic field within a certain range and release silver ions according to the environment. This kind of silver ions can stimulate energy, so wearing silver jewelry still has health effects on the human body. Only jewelry with electroplated silver on the surface, and jewelry with insufficient silver content, almost do not have this effect. On the contrary, if the wearer's physique is relatively poor, it will cause poisoning due to the excessive amount of harmful elements due to chemical reactions. , Allergies occur. Third, because the purity of silver is 999, it has a strong antiseptic function, so pure silver also has the reputation of 'permanent antiseptic'. It is said that the grassland herdsmen in Inner Mongolia use silver bowls to hold horse milk, and it will not become sour after a few days. Similarly, a bowl made of silver can keep the water quality unchanged. It is also said that scientists have done experiments in which a large number of Escherichia coli died after three hours of treatment with a silver electrode in sewage (more than 7,000 E. coli per milliliter). For skin ulcers, silver ion solution can also be used to coat the ulcers, which can kill most bacteria. Also, it is said that many airlines in the world are using silver water filters. Some swimmers also use silver to purify the water in the pool. The water purified by silver will not irritate the swimmer's skin. The 'three peculiar effects of sterling silver jewelry' is briefly introduced here, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Jewelry processing plants, jewelry processing plants, provide professional silver jewelry processing, jewelry batch processing OEM, ODM customization, welcome to consult:.
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