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What Is Jewelry CAD Design?

What Is Jewelry CAD Design?


What Is Jewelry CAD Design?

Jewelry CAD Design is computer aided jewelry design. The traditional design method is to use a pencil to express your idea on the drawing. In this case, what is drawn is a two-dimensional plan, which has the advantages of speed and convenience, but lacks a true three-dimensional sense. While the beginning of jewelry CAD is usually a draft of jewelry or an idea. The sketch does not need to be very delicate, as long as the designer can understand it, then use computers instead of pencils to express sketches or ideas. In this way, designers can use computers to design jewelry of any shape. The work designed by the computer can be directly processed into a wax mold or resin mold with rapid prototyping equipment, and then made into a finished piece of jewelry. Every jeweler who makes OEM jewelry will know that CAD is essential.

Jewelry CAD Design Process

1. The designer draws the jewelry artwork.

2. The 3D styling staff converts the designer's plan into a 3D jewelry drawing, and establishes a 3D jewelry model.

3. According to the three-dimensional model of the jewelry, the original version of the jewelry is processed by rapid prototyping equipment. The original version can be a wax mold or a resin mold.

4. The wax mold or resin mold is cast into a silver mold or directly cast into a piece of gold.

5. If it is cast into a silver mold, it can be operated to obtain a silver mold; if it is cast into gold piece, the gold jewelry can be subjected to moulding, inlaying and other process, and finally a piece of finished jewelry can be obtained.


Jewelry CAD Design for gold
Jewelry CAD for silver

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