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What is Best Size for Hoop Earring?

What is Best Size for Hoop Earring?


Hoop earrings have been popular since the last century. No matter how fashion evolves, the status of hoop earrings in the fashion circle has not been shaken. One of the classic representatives is the metal earrings. Due to the versatile nature of metal, whether it is traditional gold, silver or the new titanium steel material in recent years, it can highlight the greatest charm of women and have enough sense of strength, and it is compatible with all styles.

And, how to choose hoop earrings?



Best size for hoop earring

Generally, hoop earrings with a smaller diameter are suitable for casual occasions, such as the common 12 to 15 mm ladies earrings. At the same time, the smallest hoop earrings or huggie earrings are most suitable for daily use, such as in school or office. Large and lightweight hoop earrings are most suitable for club or party. They are stylish and comfortable. Large and wide earrings can be decorated with jewelry, suitable for those who often attend formal gatherings.

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Face shape for hoop earring

When wearing round earrings, you should also pay attention to the coordination of proportions. The earrings worn by different faces are also different. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to wear hoop earrings for thin, long or square faces. Don't wear hoop earrings for round faces, it will make your face look rounder.

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