What is the difference between proposal, engagement and wedding ring?

by:Joacii     2021-02-24
The three terms of proposal ring, engagement ring, and wedding ring are split to ask a couple. They may answer them in an orderly manner, but if you ask them together, someone will be confused. Some people will be worried. If you follow the normal procedure, first propose marriage, and then the parents will see the three terms of the proposal ring, engagement ring, and wedding ring and ask a couple of new couples. They may answer them in an orderly manner. They can ask together, immediately Someone is going to be confused.     Some people will be worried. If you follow the normal procedures, first propose marriage, then your parents meet and get engaged, and finally get married, then you have to buy at least 4 rings. How can the post-80s and 90s who are overwhelmed by the pressure now bear it? Don’t worry, the box will sort out for you. What’s the difference between a proposal ring, an engagement ring and a wedding ring?      A proposal ring is a ring given by a man when proposing to a woman. It is provided by the man. Diamond rings are usually used because diamonds symbolize firmness. Rock love.     marriage proposal ring was originally more suitable in Western countries. Nowadays, young people in our country usually propose to marry before getting married, and the man gives the woman a ring. Under normal circumstances, the man buys an engagement ring when the woman does not know it, in order to surprise the woman.     Engagement ring      is a ring that the man gives to the woman when a man and woman get engaged. In Western countries, an engagement ring can be equivalent to an engagement ring. However, in our traditional customs, there is no such thing as an engagement ring and it is called an engagement ring.     Especially in the old society, the man’s mother would pass the ancestral ring to the future daughter-in-law, which means the recognition of the woman’s status.     wedding ring      is a ring used by both men and women when they get married, usually a pair, now called a wedding ring. Wedding rings are generally chosen by both men and women. They can be selected according to their economic strength. Those with average economic strength can choose a silver or gold ring. Those with strong strength can choose a diamond 18K gold ring or diamond platinum ring.     There is usually one proposal ring and one engagement ring, which can be used in common. It is not excluded that the man’s parents will give another ancestral ring to the woman as a sign of their hearts. The wedding ring is a pair.     In addition, engagement rings are not engraved in accordance with Western traditions, and wedding rings can be engraved with the surnames, initials, and dates of both men and women. Or engrave the words chosen by the groom to express his emotions. After marriage, wedding rings are mainly worn.   The above is the author's summary of the information about the proposal diamond ring for you. The information comes from the Internet. If there is anything wrong, please forgive me. If you need to customize the diamond ring, please visit the official website of jewelry setting. Jewelry setting will serve you wholeheartedly!
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