What kind of earrings just good-looking face different collocation?

by:Joacii     2020-12-18
As the saying goes, 'beauty heart every man has the different face to match what kind of earring is good-looking? Generally choose earrings to modify face, extend to avoid short, to make themselves more beautiful, so what kind of earring to match what kind of face is good-looking? Oval type: the face is the criterion for Oriental female face, with most of the children of the east can appreciate the aesthetic individuality and commonness, oval type is suitable for such as fine, small earrings, has the characteristics of compact, light, can foil a wearer of gentle and quiet. The earrings or a geometric shape, has a large weight, volume expansion of vision, can foil the wearer's fashionable, free and easy. Round face: refers to the width of the forehead, cheekbones, jaw, the whole face of rounded lines, contour nearly circular, give a person with generous, pure and fresh, simple sense. Recommend rectangular stone Mosaic, such as long water droplets form, tassel earrings, can produce longitudinal spin on the vision effect, helps to weaken the width of the round face. Shape and surface treatment is relatively simple, reserved temperament of the collect inside can reveal the wearer tenderness. Square face: suitable for smooth lines, fruity modelling of earrings. Such as oval, heart, flower, can have the effect of desalt face edges and corners. Can foil a wearer again strong, capable, generous and aesthetic feeling and do not break vogue. Elongated shape: round, heart, oval and various kinds of lateral extension of big earrings, insufficient to embellish the width and length of more than state. Different face shapes, according to recommend wearing effect is more outstanding, each person's temperament, skin color, different aesthetic view and even clothing, making appropriate adjustments according to his be fond of.
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