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by:Joacii     2020-08-12
King of jewelry? In now in the market, all kinds of jewelry brand with consumers eyeball, sometimes even don't know what to choose brand consumer good, king of jewelry? Here, let the author with everybody to know about the king about jewelry. The heart of the ocean if you want to know how a jewelry, have to know about its history, the first king of jewelry? It was founded in 1901, after the hundred years of development, has now become the domestic large-scale jewelry enterprise, one of the king of jewelry? This is a the upstream the diamond trade, jewelry design, production and processing and terminal sales integrated service providers are set to one of the jewels. King of jewelry? In 1988, king jewelry factory to founded formally established a family of these utilities are passed on to the fourth generation successor three brothers to take over the business. Under the three brothers to take over the business of king jewelry, constantly active introduction of modern technology, king of jewelry? Believe that everyone has read the above understanding. The content of the learned how king jewelry, we again to learn to save money to buy drill model! ! ! ! First diamond directly to your home, overturn traditional jewelry stores selling drilling mode, let consumers to buy diamond by jewelry factory direct customers, completely compressed industry chain, get rid of traditional market retail and ordinary e-commerce all the intermediate links, save nearly fifty percent of the cost for the consumer, make it easy for consumers to buy cost-effective diamond. About the king of jewelry? The author is to introduce the first arrived here, if you still have what not understand or want to buy jewelry, can come and see, we welcome your arrival, our customer service at the same time can also answer your questions for you.
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