What's with Titanium?

by:Joacii     2020-05-12
So I like to think that I am able to keep up with what everyone is wearing, the why's and what's of the season. I find that what I am seeing especially among the more active types, is the Titanium Dog Tag Necklace. It's not just one style in particular, there are quite a few different styles, from the polished sleek look to recessed black. What appear to be the top 3 reasons given for the popularity of wearing titanium among the sporty? It's hypoallergenic, you're not going to break out with it against your skin. Which although an unpleasant truth, can easily happen when we sweat, or in the case of ladies, when we glisten. Which leads us directly into the second great reason to choose a titanium dog tag necklace. Titanium won't turn that ugly green color when we do happen to sweat, or go swimming, even in sea-water. Durability, one of the strongest metals you can use in jewelry, this metal won't lose it shape or bend with wear. What's more frustrating than only being able to enjoy your favorite piece of jewelry a couple of times before you have to do that irritating do-it-yourself quick-fix in order to get it back like new, or worse yet having to pay to get it repaired? Yeah, no thanks. Why Dog Tags? Men like to wear the dog tags because they're not overstated. Take a minute as you search for the perfect gift, ask any guy and they'll most likely all tell you the same thing. They want to wear jewelry that reflects what's in style today without drawing undue attention, yet at the same time, something that will showcase their own personal style. They want somethng that looks natural, and doesn't scream, 'Hey everybody, look at my bling!' We may ask ourselves however, what's the point of accessorizing if no one is going to notice? Dog tag necklaces get noticed without being obnoxious, you can count on it. There is no reason to exclude the ladies either, there is a growing popularity in that corner as well. Because of the universal draw, quite a selection is available to choose from. Stay Active We have daily reminders of how important it is for us to stay active and healthy, and now with summer here, there will be more trips to the lake, beach, biking, hiking. So go, have a great time with your family and friends, why should you have to stop and think first about your jewelry? Don't we all have enough to remember? We're talking, sun block, fueling up the car, did I lock the front door? We don't need to add into the mix worrying about changing or even taking off our jewelry, or risk it turning color and losing its look. The last thing we want to deal with as we're heading out the door, is the routine pat down as if we were going thru a security scanner at the airport, stripping off all our metal before going anywhere. Take it from the active lifestyle fashionista's who know their stuff. Titanium dog tag necklaces aren't just what's hot in todays fast paced world, they let you play and still look good doing it.
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