When you almost feel the breath of Christmas,

by:Joacii     2020-05-25
1. A pair of socks or Christmas hat which you think it is necessary on the Christmas. Well, your boyfriend were not a little boy who are still believing Father Christmas will put gifts into the socks in the midnight when he fell asleep any more. Socks use to wait for the gifts have been thrown away many years ago. If you don't believe me, just try to give him socks, he must forget where they are in another day after you gave him. So you may think how about a Christmas hat? That is so cute. You never do that please. Actually no boys want to wear a red and long hat to go shopping or party with you, even it is in the night. Believe me, Christmas hat will never work anymore. 2. UGG men boots UGG men boots which you thought that must be the best gift for your boyfriend in this cold Christmas. But you are wrong, although UGG men boots is the special boots for the man to keep warm, it can never be an excuse for the man to love it. Because it really a little ugly, and the point is that many people think that UGG boot just the fashion trend of lady's and a man will be regarded as an old man if the man wear a pair UGG boot. 3. Chain or jewelry I hate to say it ladies, but a lot of men do not like jewelry or chain. Certainly you may think that is the true heart of you. Your boyfriend may tell you that he love your present very much, however they won't wear it and cause yourself some woe even though it is a very special gemstone or a bracelet. 4. A hand weaves scarf you think would look great on him. Hand weaves scarf, it sound so sweet, yes that is right, but your boyfriend may never wear it since your handcraft can never catch up with the machine. So don't be stupid to spend three days and nights and almost forget to have your dinner in order to finish the scarf before Christmas. It won't be work. 5. Underwear Wow, ladies! Am I breaking your plan to buy underpants for your boyfriend? If yes, please stop buying immediately, but if you have bought one, never mind, just hide it, no one will know it. Do NOT buy your men underpants. I am sure you found a cute pair of boxers with some cute Christmas design, but for the love of your boyfriend, let him do his own. Not only will they be able to pick out their own size, they know what they like and the brand they like. So, ladies, never do it.
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