Which brand of diamond purity good

by:Joacii     2020-08-27
Which brand of diamond purity better? Diamond believe few friends feel strange, but a lot of friends are like diamonds, but don't know the knowledge of the diamond, lead to buy diamond were merchants brought nose do, when you know which brand diamond purity better? Let the author to answer for you! Falls in love with eight points and diamond ring for details click on the image or name also have grade diamonds and gold silver, diamond purity better which brand? Diamond directly affect by diamond grade, the price of diamonds in the world are usually based on the 4 c to divide his quality of diamonds, diamond is 4 c diamond clarity, weight, cut and color level, the purity of the diamond that is based on the difference between! If according to professional division of knowledge, the diamond diamonds are generally divided into LC, VVS, VS, SI, P, and so on five! In fact, we buy the diamond are basically passes artificial processing, which brand diamond purity better? Mainly through grinding machining these processes, but such diamonds often contains impurities, but unlike other impurities, these impurities will not affect the beauty of a diamond, but also let the diamond has a different aesthetic feeling, these impurities on the composition of the diamond purity standards, high purity of diamond impurities are less commonly! Which brand of diamond purity better? Author analysis for everyone here, welcome more knowledge on jewelry network access to relevant data, jewelry usher China factory direct customers truly for the customer to save enough to buy fifty percent of diamond ring. Make diamond directly from the manufacturer to your home, bring consumers a new 'international quality, the price of populist, personalization' diamond way of consumption.
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