Why is there a vacuum plating step for silver jewelry processing? what is the reason?

by:Joacii     2021-03-12
Silver jewellery that is not electroplated is also very beautiful, so why do you need vacuum plating? In fact, the reason is that the processing of silver jewelry through vacuum plating allows people to have a better experience, beautify the appearance, extend the color retention time, and seize market share. The electroplating methods of silver jewelry processing include water barrel plating and vacuum nano-ion plating. There are various demands in a diversified market. The electroplating process used by jewelry processing plants depends on whether the silver jewelry is targeted at the high-end and low-end markets. Different electroplating methods have different effects, such as the color depth, brightness and color retention time after electroplating. If it is the silver jewelry processing of foreign trade products, most of the customers are Europeans, and their environment is different. Compared with Asians, Europeans have relatively stronger sweat acidity, which will accelerate the corrosion rate of the jewelry surface. Therefore, facing customers in the European market, silver jewelry processing plants use vacuum electroplating to process jewelry, and the thickness of the electroplating film needs to be about 0.1%, so that the jewelry is not easy to fade and the quality is better. Next: Is the trend of silver jewelry popular in Europe and America? Affected by the market environment Previous post: Compared with gold jewelry and hardware jewelry, which color retention time is longer?
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