Why Joacii Jewelry ruby pendant is priced higher?
Higher prices indicate that the quality of ruby pendant is higher than other products. In addition to the use of high-end raw materials, we also introduced advanced technical equipment to be applied to the production process. We have been working with reliable material suppliers to make our products cost-effective.

In the past years, Xiamen Joacii Jewelry Co., Ltd. has been focusing on providing high quality jewellery collection. We have been thought of a highly qualified Chinese manufacturer. The jewelry necklaces series is widely praised by customers. The quality of Joacii bumble bee jewelry is assessed using a number of quality control tests. They are color shading, colorfastness check, size fitting test, and so forth. This product is designed to add great charm and attractiveness for the wearer. The product stands out for its superior corrosion resistance. The fiberglass materials are able to withstand acid and alkali and the steel parts are hot-dip galvanized. Professionally painted, this product is less likely to discolor.

To provide customers with all-round ladies bracelet is the culture that being kept in each employee of Joacii in mind. Get info!
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