Will Joacii Jewelry become an OBM in future?
OBM business is a new business mode which requires more than OEM or ODM. At present, Xiamen Joacii Jewelry Co., Ltd. has been working on to be an OBM. A mature and developed OBM should have its own brand and is skilled at R&D, production, design of its own product, which requires a lot on most of the manufacturers. Since founded, we have been striving for completing the sales network and putting a lot of investment into broadening the channels to produce and sell high quality small earrings with our own brand.

With a strong capability in manufacturing white gold earrings, Joacii Jewelry is considered as a reputable and competitive company in the China market. The gold jewellery necklace series is widely praised by customers. Joacii gold jewellery necklace will go through a strict materials composition check. Inspection approaches such as hand feel touch and proper equipment will be adopted to check its ingredients, fiber types, and the safety of ingredients. Professionally painted, this product is less likely to discolor. Joacii Jewelry has strong new product development capabilities for jewellery collection and strong market competitiveness. It is manually polished, showing excellent luster.

The combination of real diamond earrings and real diamond earrings can create perfect quality. Please contact.
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