Wow, that girl is stacked! Maybe not the way you're

by:Joacii     2020-05-10
Professional jewelers are quickly catching onto the fad and providing a plethora of variations in their stores. Any combination can be made. It really all comes down to the bride's personality and fashion sense. Does she like gold? Maybe she prefers sterling with a touch of colored gemstones. Rose gold is an insanely popular choice at the moment. Some ladies are mixing it all together and throwing away all conventions of mixing gold and silver. Some women are choosing different bands that each individually hold a unique and sentimental meaning, such as having one simple band showcasing your fabulous diamond sparkler. This one band will signify the promise of your love and commitment. The two other bands can be chosen to represent the two individuals in the marriage who have come together as one. Later of course, you will add the wedding band to embody your unity in marriage. Each of these bands can be a different color, or even have different colored gemstones. Sometimes having a second or third marriage is inevitable. We don't all find Prince Charming on the first go around. Children are often brought together when people remarry. Why not symbolize them in your ring choices? A separate band can be chosen specifically to separately represent each child. Stacking them all together is your physical representation that showcases the joining of your two families. The choices are limitless when it comes to stacking your bands. There are so many metals, colors, stones and different arrays of fashions from which to choose. Famous jewelers everywhere are jumping on the stacking bandwagon left and right. Even if you can't shell out the big bucks for your engagement rings, stick to your budget and get creative. You can incorporate a little costume jewelry in your ring mix. Go antique shopping. Whatever the rhyme or reason behind your rings may be, stacking is a bold and unique fashion statement. This is definitely one trend that doesn't look to be fading out any time soon.
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