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by:Joacii     2020-05-11
It's quite an honor to be the maid of honor, which is probably how the position earned its name, but it's also quite the undertaking, especially when it comes to the party planning. Bachelorette parties come in all shapes and sizes, and each bride is different and wants unique things. Once you've figured out what kind of party your bride to be wants to have, it's time to get cracking on the planning, and that means purchasing a whole lot of party supplies. Here are some great options that you can get at the craft store to get the party planning started! First and foremost, you'll need invitations. Adorable invites that read 'Girls Night Out' are perfect - slightly cheeky with their martini glass design, but still classy enough for the bride, who wants to have fun without completely losing her dignity. If you're worried about doing all the planning yourself, consider investing in the Bachelorette Party Book - Guide for Party Planners. This informative book has everything you need to plan an awesome bachelorette party, with fun activities, recipes, decorating hints, gift ideas and more. You'll discover great party themes, like Rubber Bash, Get Lei-d, Striptease and Find the Heart-on, as well as entertaining and hilarious games like Pin the Privates on the Pinup and We're Looking for a Few Good Men. You'll also find out where to get the best embarrassing bridal attire (we all know it's crucial that the bride look ridiculous on her big night) - such as a rubber-made train and a colorful condom corsage. You'll also find food and drink recipes for everything cheeky and slightly inappropriate - where else could you find this wealth of information? Speaking of getting lei-d, look no further than your local online craft retailer when it comes to getting the colorful mock Hawaiian leis you'll need for a get lei-d party. These brightly colored leis are great for bachelorette parties but can also work for birthdays and other occasions. Unlike the cheap plastic ones you often find at party stores, these are the real deal, with colorful marabou feathers to help the bride to be and her bridesmaids strut the streets in style! Another fun, cheeky idea is a set of light-up engagement rings. These come in packages of six, so your whole bridal party can don them while you're out on the town for the big party. Add a little fun to your bachelorette party with these faux rocks, which are lit by batteries and a bit larger than the average engagement ring. These are also great for decorating the table at your bridal shower or wedding reception - but we'd recommend taking them out of on the town for a bit of fun first. Make sure your bride has her requisite 'bride' pin, and get everyone else who is attending the party 'Just for the girls' pins - so that everyone out there will know you're part of a bachelorette party. You can also get the bride a hilarious 'Bride to Be' sash that looks one part prom-queen and one part Miss America. Hey, it's her big night - she'd better be prepared to look just a tiny bit silly. When it comes to games, there's no shortage of them. There's the Bachelorette Party Dare Spinner game, which is like Twister and Truth or Dare combined into one, or the set of 'I DARE YOU' cards, which are exactly what they appear to be. Another fun game option is the 'How well do you know the bride?' game, which is like trivia, personalized for the bride to be and her bridal party. There's also the Bachelorette party Bingo game, which is, of course, much more fun than the kind of Bingo your grandma plays on Tuesday nights. If your bride to be is really into poker, consider the Bachelorette Roulette set, which doesn't just have a great name but is also a ton of fun. If you're looking to personalize things, consider iron-on rhinestone phrases. Choose from 'Mother of the Bride,' 'Maid of Honor,' 'My last night out!' and more. These are a fun way to personalize matching track suits, hats or even tote bags. Remember, as the maid of honor, it's your job to bring the bridal party together, and what better way to do it than to get everyone matching outfits? Silly? Sure - but you'll remember them forever! If outfits seem like too much for you, there's always customizable shot glasses, which are also lots of fun (that is, if you can remember how and where you used them the next day). With this quick guide as a starting point, get ready to plan the party of a lifetime now!
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